Former DA Craig Watkins Can't Even Ambulance-Chase Correctly

We've previously noted that ex-Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins -- former political wunderkind, a crusader for the innocent and the scourge of the guilty -- had sunk to trolling for DWI clients using a Hotmail (?!?) account. That's no longer the case; as of 1:32 a.m. today, he is trolling for DWI clients using a "@craigwatkinslaw.com" email address.

But does that mean that Watkins has begun to patch together the tattered shreds of his dignity? Judging by the email blasts he keeps sending, which seem designed to remind everyone in the email database he apparently took with him when he was ousted as district attorney of what a washed-up sad sack he has become, the answer is no.

On Friday, he blasted a link to a Fox 4 story about an Irving kindergartner whose school bus dropped him on the side of the road after the 6-year-old boarded the wrong bus:

If you witnessed this unfortunate incident that occurred last month concerning this child, please contact the Law Office of Craig Watkins at 1-844-4CRAIGW or 214-428-7799 or CRAIGMWATKINSLAW.COM. We want to make sure that justice is served, not only for this child but for his family as well. We want to make sure that this tragic event never happens again.

Please, somebody give this man some steady work.

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