Former District 3 Councilman Ed Oakley Really Doesn't Want Dave Neumann Back at City Hall

Ed Oakley, who once sat in the District 3 seat at the Dallas City Hall horseshoe, is already listed among Scott Griggs's supporters, alongside, of course, Dallas County Commissioner Elba Garcia, former Dallas ISD school board trustee Jose Plata, former Dallas City Manager Jan Hart Black and a host of other familiar faces. But as Rudolph Joseph Lorenz Steiner Bush notes on the City Hall Blog, Oakley (who joined Garcia in endorsing Delia Jasso in 2009) is putting his money where his mouth is -- $3,500 worth, to be precise, which is what it cost to print and send out the mailer Rudy posted about an hour ago.

But better still is the note Oakley (who gave up his seat to run for mayor in 2007) sent to Griggs explaining why he did what he did and why he wants Griggs to yank Dave Neumann's seat out from under him. Writes Oakley:

Dave Neumann has not done anything in 4 years to help the residences of District 3, the southern sector, or Dallas. He has not worked with the other council persons to make progress. He is very good at taking credit for everything that was put in place prior to him taking office. He is not the leader that is needed to represent District 3.

Read the whole note here.

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