From California, a Federal Suit Alleging "Cruel and Unusual Punishment" in Dallas County

Barbara Jean Altemeier says she was arrested in Dallas in 2006. She says the basis for her arrest was a "falsely made up complaint" out of Fruitport, Michigan -- an embezzlement charge she says was eventually dismissed. She says she was kept in Dallas County lock-up for 78 days, and that the Dallas Police officers who arrested her and the Dallas County guards who detained and the Dallas doctors who examined her denied her the "prescription organic food" and "prescription bottled water" so prescribed due to her "autonomic nervous system dysfunction and and sensitivities to various petrochemicals," which, she says, have made hers a case known to doctors "around the world."

In short, she says her detention in Dallas almost killed her. And so, pro se, she filed in California federal court yesterday a not-handwritten lawsuit naming, among others, the city of Dallas, Dallas Police officers, Dallas County, Sheriff Lupe Valdez, Parkland CEO Ron Anderson and several law enforcement officials in Michigan. Her lengthy story, which features a cameo by best-selling author and environmental-medicine expert Doris Rapp, M.D., follows in full.

Barbara Jeanne Altemeier v Dallas County Et Al

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