From Now On, Make Sure Your Contractor's Registered with City of Dallas. Or Else.

Back in August we got a look at that city council briefing titled "Effective Business Strategies to Support Sustainable Growth," in which there were numerous new fees and rate hikes proposed by the ever-shrinking, oft-backed-up Sustainable Development and Construction department in order to "recover the true costs of delivering services to our customers." One of the more controversial proposals -- new fees for historic district permits -- was nixed before the council voted on the proposal, finally, two days ago.

But if you're going to have work done on your house, let's say, keep this in mind: Contractors won't be able to get city inspectors to review permits or inspect their handiwork till they've registered with the city -- at the annual cost of $120. (The city hopes to recoup half a mil a year, at least according to the summertime proposal doc.) City Hall just sent the following heads-up:

On January 12, 2011, the City of Dallas amended Chapter 52, "Administrative Procedures for the Construction Codes," of the Dallas City Code to require the following contractors to be registered with the City of Dallas Building Inspection: commercial general contractors, residential general contractor, concrete/asphalt/paving contractor, demolition contractor, fence contractor, foundation contractor, gas well contractor, landscape contractor, pool contractor, roof contractor and tree service contractor. Also defined as contractors are energy code, gas well and green building providers.

These are providers that are engaged in the business of reviewing plans or making inspections for verification of compliance with the respective Dallas Code and reporting such compliance to the building official.

A contractor listed who is not registered by the city as a contractor may not obtain any permit required for work performed by contractor.

The registration fee will be $120 per year.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.