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From the Mailbag: What Happened to City's Plan to Privatize Dallas Farmers Market?

Fingers crossed, we'll get to this asked-and-answered more than once a month. But not a week goes by that four, five e-mails don't pop up in the in-box wondering what in the wide, wide world of sports became of City Manager Mary Suhm's plan to take the downtown Dallas Farmers Market private? Matter of fact, when we debuted this sorta-feature, Friend of Unfair Park AmyS asked: "What is the city's current status on the attempt to privatize the Dallas Farmers Market. Have any candidates come forward to present a plan?"

Last we looked, there had been but one contestant in the sweepstakes -- restaurateur Janet Cobb, whose name came up way back when we broke news of this proposal last summer -- and after extending the deadline several times, Suhm just called it quits. Or did she? I sent Suhm a very lengthy e-mail asking where the plan stands at present, whether Cobb would indeed take over the market and if there was a deadline in place for privatizing, given the fact the market doesn't make money and there's yet another round of budget cuts a-comin'. She responded thusly:

No decision. No specific time line yet. Working on all possibilities.
So there ya go. Fudge, anyone?

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