Fun With Redistricting, or: Well, Look Who Done Submitted a Map to the Commission

Steve Thompson beat me to it, but no matter. Because, see, in advance of this evening's meeting of the city's Redistricting Commission, some of us were sneak-peeking the public's submissions made to the commission, and lookie there: Among the stacks of maps is one turned in by a rather familiar name -- none other than Sam Merten, hot damn.

And how'd he do? Well, per the staff's analysis, not bad at all, as he managed to meet the criteria regarding population equality, minority representation and contiguity and compactness. And, writes Sam in his statement to the commission, "As much as possible, communities were kept intact, while others were properly placed together. For example, Pleasant Grove, which once was included in four separate districts (2, 5, 7 and 8), is now one district (5)." Hey, a man's gotta have a hobby aside from fantasy baseball.

Also among those who submitted: Bill Betzen, former city council member Donna Halstead (who's on the commission ... and president of the Dallas Citizens Council) and Keith McPhail. Anna's going to the meeting tonight. Because it sounds like ... fun?

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