Gene or Jean?

Gene Street, chairman of Consolidated Restaurant Operations, is getting himself into fighting trim as he prepares to open a new Silver Fox Steakhouse in the Centrum's Star Canyon space in January 2007. "I quit everything in May," Street boasts. "Fried foods, potatoes, sugar, and I quit drinking red wine. I quit everything...I'm like an 18-year-old kid on a vacation again." To launch the latest Silver Fox, Street has linked with operating partner Mark Loebs, who once managed the defunct male strip club La Bare before he started a long career at El Chico, Cantina Laredo, III Forks and Silver Fox. Along with Tommy Dreiling, president of Dreiling Real Estate, which owns Peyton Thomas Homes, Street and Loebs will be franchising the Centrum extension from Consolidated, which developed the Silver Fox concept with III Forks Steakhouse founder Dale Wamstad. Street is also fascinated with the Dallas blond mystique, and he's thinking of transforming himself into a towhead. "You'll see a new Street on or about November 15," he promises. "But I'm not getting a tit job or a gender change or anything like that." --Mark Stuertz

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