Get Outta Here, Congressman Steve Stockman, You Zany Guy You

Buzz wants to give a big shout-out and thanks to The Washington Times, the super-conservative other paper in D.C., for clearing up a misconception many people have about Tea Partying Congressman Steve Stockman, who recently announced that he'll challenge Senator John Cornyn in next year's GOP primary.

Turns out that liberals, who consider Stockman an Obama-hating, gun-crazed loon, are just a bunch of humorless tight-asses who don't have the brains to get Stockman's cutting-edge political wit, the Times wrote last week.

For instance: Dim-bulb progressives were shocked when Stockman invited gun-loving rocker Ted Nugent -- who's sadly failed to deliver on his promise to be "dead or in jail by this time next year" if Obama was re-elected -- to the president's state of the union address. Apparently liberals don't know the word dadaesque. And when Stockman said chlamydia was more popular than Obamacare, or that if fetuses had guns there'd be no abortions? Pow! Man, that's so edgy we just want to snap our fingers. That Stockman cat is like a conservative Andy Kaufman. He's so out there you should just never take anything he says seriously.

C'mon, libtards, get with it. Can't you see that Stockman, who has something like $32,000 in his campaign fund and on Tuesday offered anyone who contributes $10 a green "Obama barf bag," is just having a major goof? It's not a campaign. It's performance art.

The left's general humorlessness is really just a big downer all 'round, isn't it? Fox commentator Megyn Kelly goes on air and announces that both Santa Claus and Jesus were white, and the liberal Borg get their panties twisted, forcing the poor woman to go back on the air and tell everyone it was just a -- duh-- joke. Man, there's nothing worse than having to explain a joke to people who don't get it. Buzz knows this well. We do it every week in our boss' office.

Even Sara Legvold of Roanoke, a fun-loving cut-up on the Texas Republican Executive Committee, can't evade the wrath of liberal funny haters. The website Burnt Orange Report savaged Legvold recently for an obviously ironic Facebook post she wrote after Nelson Mandela's death, in which she pointed out that black South Africans were way better off under Apartheid -- more jobs, more food, better health. Legvold also posted links to a white supremacist group on Facebook, BOR noted. Come on, BOR. Obviously that was just more out-there humor. No one on the GOP state executive committee can really be that stupid.

Listen, liberals, we all gotta take a deep breath and learn to laugh a little. People like Stockman, Kelly and the Texas GOP leadership are funny, funny clowns. And you know how the world loves a clown.

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