Go, TJ Rebels! (Then Again...)

Last night, while I was down in Waco, a Friend of Unfair Park called my cell to ask if I was, at that very moment, listening to KTCK-AM (1310, The Ticket). Well, usually, around 6:09 p.m., I am, but, ya know, not always. "No," says I, "why?" My Friend tells me that "The Hardline" is playing old KLIF-AM jingles recorded for various local high schools in the 1960s, and they'd just gotten around to playing the one for my old high school, Thomas Jefferson High School -- back when T.J. students were known, alas, as the Rebels. (That was changed, long ago, to the Patriots.)

Well, since I was out of town, I called "Hardline" producer Danny Balis and asked him if'd send along the MP3 so I could hear it. He said he got it from Steve Eberhart, who runs the estimable History of KLIF Web site (which, for whatever reason, does not appear to be working at the moment). So we thank Messers Balis and Eberhart for this blast from the past, which I now can't get out of my head. Awesome. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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