God and Mammon

God and Mammon

Music man: Good article ("Facing the Music," by Charles Siderius, January 9). Al Petty ripped me off around 1994 with a fake deal to build 24 steel Guitorchestras. He took 24 synthesizer modules from my store to build the units, sold most of them and kept the money. I eventually recovered about half of the loss.

He's not that complex. He is simply a delusional bully, capable of convincing himself and others of his earnestness--a common thief who uses the word of God for his own ends...Thanks for exposing him to others.

Gary Rich

Reds Under the Bed

Nazis: God bless you, Jim! Please, please, please follow this story up ("Red Scare," by Jim Schutze, January 16). This Nazi shit has got to be stopped. You are one of the last real ballsy American reporters left. You are the only torch of decency left in this town. Keep it up! I get my news from NPR, BBC and you alone these days.

Samuel M. Polvado
Via e-mail

The Beast: As always, I love reading Jim Schutze. His article this week was very informative and scary, but I noticed he did not make any mention of "The Mark of the Beast." I believe with all of the technology we are acquiring, it is not far off.

Michael Rosenberg

Read this: Maybe the following should be required reading for these Nazis: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue but upon probable cause supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized."

Jerry Greenberg
El Dorado, Arkansas

Bring on Big Brother: I agree that complete personal disclosure would be disconcerting, embarrassing and leave me open to blackmail, but that does not hogtie my fundamental belief in the value of truth. Sure, in the short term, those with money and access to data would be in control. But over time, information will be available to all. Our police presence will diminish as everyone's driving record, criminal record, credit rating, location--in short, our complete history--will be tied to our identity. I imagine meeting someone and knowing immediately if they ever stole, cheated on their taxes, cheated on their wife, declared bankruptcy, are on parole, if they are a Democrat and their favorite music. And they would know the same about me. No more people pretending to be what they are not. Interesting, huh?

Truth and full disclosure will make most deception impossible. I agree that it is a scary concept and, like all knowledge, dangerous. But we must trust that that information in the long run is a useful tool in the development of life.

Tom Henvey

Thug Life

Don't blame the school: This story truly breaks my heart, not for the cocky SOB Havard but for the school that was mentioned repeatedly, Winston ("Crazy White Mother," by Glenna Whitley, December 26). As a Winston alum, I can tell you a lot of kids there had more money than sense, but that is not to say the school is not an invaluable resource to those who truly need the additional help and attention. Would the school have even been mentioned if it were not a specialized, expensive "private" school? Let's not put the blame on the school but the society and negligence that raised Doug and allowed him to thrive! Just something to think about.

Robin Caruth Reining
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Criminal Review

The "harpy stepmonster" speaks: I want to thank Elaine Liner for her review of The Godmudda at Pocket Sandwich Theatre ("Disorganized Crime," January 9). The cast and I have had such a fabulous time doing this original play about mafia characters. Jon Paul McGowan gave us this wonderful opportunity to do a melodrama show where the lead character was a woman. What a change! Dennis Millegan gave us our over-the-top direction (so, hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink--we're not supposed to be good), and off we went. We weren't in search of Oscar or Tony awards; we had but a small request--to have full houses complete with cheers, boos, hisses and whatever else they felt like dishing up. Thanks to her glowing review, we are on our way to achieving this. We immediately sold out the following Friday and Saturday nights, or it could be word of mouth about just how much fun the show is. Who's to say? Thursday sold out due to just walk-ins. So, we really appreciated the picture and the mention. A bad review is better than no review at all--but that's just my opinion.

The only thing I don't agree with, however, is when she called our audience "beer-guzzling, corn-flinging yahoos." They deserve better. The Pocket Sandwich deserves better. They have been in business for 22 years. I'm positive that many of these people could well afford to go elsewhere and spend their money, but there's a reason why they don't.

P.S. Thank you for referring to me as a harpy stepmonster--I was very tickled!

Francine Simpson
Via e-mail

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