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Group That Called for Beer, Wine Election Asks to Intervene in Case Trying to Overturn Vote

Grocery stores all over town -- certainly, those in dry-for-now North Dallas -- are making space for beer and wine sales; what you see above is but a bit of the empty fridge awaiting product in the Preston Forest Tom Thumb. But, as you no doubt recall, on Friday attorney Andy Siegel asked a judge to halt the permitting process while his named clients, among them a council-appointed Dallas Area Rapid Transit board member, sue the city to overturn the November 2 vote that called for the off-premise sale of beer and wine citywide.

This morning I went to the county's website to see if the city had filed a response to the Friday filing. It has not -- but I found that Keep the Dollars in Dallas has. That's the group of grocers, retailers, property owners and restaurants -- fronted by Kroger's Gary Huddleston -- that initiated the petition drive in the first place, and on Monday it filed a plea in intervention in order to "protect its interest."

Says the filing that follows: "Dollars in Dallas has a justifiable interest in this case because its members were influential in requesting the Petition and obtaining the requisite signatures on the Petition through petition drives." Siegel, of course, has claimed the city authorized the referendum despite their being a shortage of signatures, which Keep the Dollars in Dallas and the city have vehemently denied. The plea continues: "Dollars in Dallas has a direct interest in the outcome of this case as its members will be directly affected by any decision that could potentially void the election."

Yesterday, Siegel filed his response, which is also after the jump. In short, he writes: The judge shouldn't allow Keep the Dollars in Dallas to intervene for myriad reasons, among them "the City of Dallas is defending this lawsuit ... and  has sufficient interest and certainly it is beyond question that it has the resources to defend the election that it called." Too early for a drink? Why, no, thanks.

Keep the Dollars in Dallas Plea in Intervention Siegel Response to Dollars in Dallas

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