Guns, Knives and a Saw: 10 Telling Items Found At House of Alleged TWU Student Killer

Police have detailed the evidence against Charles Bryant, the Haslet man accused of dismembering and burning a TWU student earlier this month. Denton County authorities released multiple search warrants for Bryant's car and home, detailing items that they say pointed them to Bryant as Jacqueline Vandagriff's killer. Here are 10 items worth noticing in the warrants: 

1. A black, TWU-branded messenger bag. — Vandagriff was a TWU student and this, presumably, is the purse belonging to Vandagriff that Grapevine police said was found at Bryant's home. She'd met Bryant at a Fry Street bar in Denton after spending the beginning of her night on Sept. 13 on the dating app Tinder. Eventually, Vandagriff and Bryant left Denton together and headed to Bryant's home. Vandagriff's body was found the next morning in a Grapevine park, dismembered and burning in a kiddie pool.

2. A UNT criminal trespass warning. — During the first week of September, Bryant was given a warning for trespassing by the University of North Texas police department. He was on campus to see an ex-girlfriend, who'd sought and received a protective order against Bryant. Bryant came back to campus days after receiving the warning and was arrested while holding flowers he'd brought for the woman.

3. Possible bone fragments and an earlier burn pit. — Police sifted through the remains of a burn pit they found in Bryant's back yard. They also found "possible bone fragments" which technicians will have to analyze for identification to determine if they are human, which would be a sign of an earlier homicide.      

4. A hacksaw with possible hair on the blade. —
In the warrant, police say they were looking for anything that could've been used to cut up Vandagriff's body.

5. A blue kiddie pool. — Cops found one kiddie pool in Bryant's backyard matching the pool in which Vandagriff's body was discovered. Satellite images of the backyard taken before the murder show two kiddie pools.

6. Two Wal-Mart receipts. — Bryant was seen buying a shovel at a Haslet Wal-Mart a little after 3 a.m. the morning of Sept. 14.

7. One .22 caliber rifle and a shotgun. — Police have yet to announce Vandagriff's cause of death, but the Tarrant County medical examiner has definitively ruled it a homicide.

8. Six knives. — Cops confiscated six specialty knives, in addition to several kitchen knives, from Bryant's house.

9. A bottle of charcoal lighter fluid. — In an arrest warrant for Bryant issued last week, police said that he'd used an accelerate to speed the burning of Vandagriff's body.

10. Three cell phones, a tablet and a laptop. — Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S5 found on Bryant's person when he was arrested, police believe Bryant may have been involved in "collection of child pornography."
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