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Hammering Out a Deal

The Hardline's Mike Rhyner and Greg Williams

Lawyers. That’s the latest update on the continuing saga of host Greg Williams and KTCK-AM (1310, The Ticket). The wind has drastically changed directions since I wrote in my November 22 column that “The Hammer” would be back on the air at The Ticket.

At the time, Williams was determined to exorcise his drug demons and re-claim his spot on the afternoon show "The Hardline." And, at the time, station management was receptive -- or, at least, legally obligated to accept his return. Now? Don’t count on it.

After Thanksgiving, there was a volatile face-to-face meeting between Williams and co-workers. And, recently, Williams and station management have down-shifted from not being able to say too much to not being able to say anything at all. Which means only one thing: lawyers.

My theory is that the involved parties are negotiating a departure rather than a return -- and that this could drag out for weeks, likely into the new year. Co-host Mike Rhyner most recently addressed the situation on-air on November 26 when he hinted at the show’s future being dramatically altered from its past. “Now that it's out there,” Mike said, “we can talk about it. But we have to wait until we have a definitive resolution on this thing. When we do address it, we'll focus more on what's in front of us rather than what's gone on with this show in the past.”

This morning we received another subtle, yet seemingly definitive clue about Hammer’s life-support status when he wasn’t included in The Ticket’s annual “White Elephant” cross-dressing of hosts and shifts, set for next Wednesday. Afterward, morning hosts George Dunham and Craig Miller teased us with the promise of a phone call from a long-time Ticket voice upset at his exclusion. Hammer? Fake Greggo? Nope, just this guy. --Richie Whitt

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