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Handicapping the Cowboys' Quarterback Situation for the Rest of the Season

The Cowboys, somehow, have stumbled into the best type of quarterback controversy: They have two really good ones. Thanks to Tony Romo's back injury in the preseason, 2016 fourth round pick Dak Prescott got a chance and he's run with it, playing largely mistake-free football while leading the Cowboys to a 4-1 start. Prescott has been so good that it's become harder and harder to imagine Romo taking his job back if and when his back is healthy again.

Romo has been the face of the Cowboys since he took over for Drew Bledsoe in 2006, but Prescott, especially if he picks up a win in Green Bay on Sunday afternoon, could make himself untouchable. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett and owner Jerry Jones have played coy as to what will happen when Romo returns, but thanks to odds provided by sportsbettingexperts.com, we've got a way to evaluate what the Vegas sharps are thinking as to how the rest of the season might play out.

(How to read these lines: $100 is the base unit. A line preceded by a "-" means that a bettor would have to wager that much to receive a $100 payout. A line preceded by a "+" means that a bettor would win that much, should his or her $100 bet come in.)

Who will start at quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys on 10/16 at Green Bay?

Dak Prescott: -750
Mark Sanchez: +500
Tony Romo: +1500

This one's easy. Barring an injury, Prescott starts against Green Bay.

Who will start at quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys on 10/30 against Philadelphia?

Dak Prescott: -600
Tony Romo: +450
Mark Sanchez: +1500

Even if Romo's back to full health, Prescott, barring a total meltdown in Green Bay, will start this game, too. If he plays poorly in this divisional showdown, however, the situation could become a lot murkier.

Who will start at quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys on 11/6 at Cleveland?

Dak Prescott:-550
Tony Romo: +400
Mark Sanchez: +1750

Nov. 6 against the Browns is a tipping point. Prescott is probably still the likely starter for the game in Cleveland, but Romo is a decent value at +400. While Prescott has been better than anyone could've imagined, he is still a rookie. That makes him something of a high-risk preposition by default. If he's still starting in this game and beyond, however, it's a good thing for the Cowboys.

Who will start at quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys on 1/1 at Philadelphia?

Dak Prescott:-250
Tony Romo: +175
Mark Sanchez: +2800

The Cowboys New Year's Day game against the Eagles might be the most interesting one on the board. Romo could be back for the reasons mentioned above, or he could be getting a start because the Cowboys have already sealed their playoff position. Outside of a trio of games against the Packers, Steelers and Vikings, the Cowboys schedule over the rest of the season isn't exactly murderers' row. If Prescott plays as he has over the season's first five weeks, they should be favorites going into at least seven of their 11 remaining games.

Who will start at quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys in their first playoff game?

Dak Prescott:-210
Tony Romo: +150
Mark Sanchez: +3500

If the Cowboys make the playoffs, it's hard to imagine Prescott not having remained the starting quarterback for the rest of the season — or Romo's not having gone down injured again — so he should start this one.

Who will start at quarterback for Dallas Cowboys in their first 2017 regular season game?

Dak Prescott:-250
Tony Romo: +175
Other: +3500

As sad as it might be, it's easy to envision Romo's time as the Cowboys' starting quarterback as already being over. Prescott is the pick here, even at -250.

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