Having Lost Its La Vista Home, Paperbacks Plus Makes a Move to, Where Else, Oak Cliff

I haven't been to Paperback Plus's La Vista location in about, oh, two months or so, when I picked up a copy of Schutze's book ... for Schutze, who collects such things. But a Friend of Unfair Park says it's gone -- has been for two weeks. That's because the shopping center in which the used bookstore sits was sold February 1 to Austin-based SL Lakewood LP, according to Dallas County records, and the owners of the East Dallas mainstay couldn't reach an agreement with the new owners. So that's that. There, at least.

But our Friend directs us to the Lucky Dog Books' website, where on Friday it was announced that the bookstore's found a new home at 633 W. Davis in Oak Cliff, of course. Says the announcement: "It will take a couple of weeks for some interior work to be done before we can start in earnest to get it ready inside, but as you can see, there is some stuff to do outside as well while this is happening." I called over there today, and word is they hope to have the doors open in about a month or so. And, of course: "The store on Garland Road's up and running, and the store on Mesquite's still there." But, as Oak Cliff People notes this morning, neither one of those is across the street from Bolsa Mercado.

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