Hello Jason Garrett: My Top 10 Observer-ations

10. Jerry Jones wants tangible improvements. Is that simply Jason getting the Cowboys to play harder? Or does he need to go 3-5 down the stretch? Either way, you can bet Bill Cowher's number is handy.

9. Garrett played behind Troy Aikman and was coached by Norv Turner and Sean Payton. Not a bad pedigree. But as red as he is on top, he's as green in his head-coaching resume.

8. My criticism of Garrett the offensive coordinator is this: He gets too cutesy in the red zone. Consecutive passes to Sam Hurd against Broncos' Pro Bowl corner Champ Bailey comes to mind. Also, we've learned our lesson about end-of-the-half Hail Marys inside our own 40. Right?

7. He loves Seinfeld and Adam Sandler's old "Cajun Man" bit on Saturday Night Live. Can't be all bad.

6. Regardless of his coaching career here, Cowboys fans will always smile about Garrett's '94 Thanksgiving performance.

5. I think Garrett should see what we have in quarterback Stephen McGee. I also think he'd better win every game possible to turn "interim" into "permanent." How does he balance all that? Not sure. Also, knowing the constricting parameters of this temporary gig, would we have blamed Jason for turning it down?

4. If Wade is a warm, soothing cup of tea, Garrett needs to be a jolting, sudden shot of ... Red Bull.

3. Garrett has produced tons of yards and 20 Pro Bowl players in 3.5 seasons as offensive coordinator. But if he can't transform stats into scores, he'll never be a permanent head coach.

2. Jason's father, Jim, a long-time NFL scout, said he's never seen his son get mad. Not sure I like that. As melted-buttery soft as Wade was, might this team need a good obscenity-laced chewing out. Or three?

1. In his first 10 minutes Jason was more commanding and authoritative than Wade ever was.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.