Here's One Person Who Wants to Move from Austin to Dallas: The Police Chief

That's Art Acevedo, by the way, among the six finalists named by City Manager Mary Suhm today to replace outgoing Dallas police chief David Kunkle, who's so outta here next month. Acevedo's probably the best-known among the candidates: Not only does he hail from the capital city, where he's only been chief since July 2007, but he's also the president of the National Latino Peace Officers Association.

I called Chief Acevedo earlier today to ask why he'd like the job, and was told by someone in the Austin PD public information office that a statement was forthcoming. It ain't here yet, but, moments ago, the Austin American-Statesman did briefly speak with Acevedo, who says of his reasons for wanting to move north now: "I think it is really important for me and my family that I keep my options open. ... This opportunity presented itself."

Also on the short list are three Dallas PD officers: First Assistant Chief David Brown, Assistant Chief Floyd Simpson (who you may recall from this incident) and Assistant Chief Daniel Garcia, who applied for the job in '04. The two other finalists hail from out of state: Rob Davis is police chief in San Jose, California; while Robert White is the chief of the Louisville Metro Police Department.

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Robert Wilonsky
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