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Hog Hell

The whole hog: I can't understand you guys, and I don't have to, I guess; everyone has their own opinion ("High on the Hog," by Todd Spivak, August 24). What I don't understand is why you guys don't tell the whole story. Maybe you just don't know it. Maybe you should do more research. The dogs are taught to bay the hogs while in the pen and are penalized for touching the pigs. I don't personally care for the pen trials, but I am an avid hog hunter, and I am tired of being attacked for it. This is a sport to us, just like football or baseball, and to the animals it's part of the circle of life. We don't make the dogs chase pigs; when I let my dogs out, they run as fast as they can to the truck and then in the woods and are hard at it to find a pig. Because they want to. As for the pigs, they were put on this earth to be eaten by both people and other animals, and if you don't believe that, then God is your problem, not hog hunters. Dogs were chasing them long before we came into the picture--not to mention that they are a serious problem. Hunting them with dogs has proven to be a great tool in the fight with them on farmland. Research is a great tool. Do more of it and you might understand us a little better instead of trying to push your ways on us. We never asked any tree-huggers to come hunting with us in the first place.

Marcus Jenkins


Vicious dogs: This is teaching our children that abuse of animals by people or another animal is OK. This is not even animal against animal on nature's level playing ground. This is something concocted by man for his entertainment purposes. This is child abuse in my book. They are teaching the wrong message about dogs and wild animals.

The dogs that are used for this are not family pets. They are commodities that are easily disposable if they do not perform and make the money that humans require. They are just "dogs" to the owners. They are not pets, and as such are generally aggressive to other dogs and more than likely to humans.

Law enforcement needs to enforce all laws, even if they do not agree with it. If they don't, we as citizens of Texas need to hold them accountable for their failure to protect the animals and ultimately the children and others that are abused by this practice.

Tracy Yates


Call It a Day-O

Legends in their own mind: I've been reading Sam Machkovech's articles for quite some time now, and even though we don't always see eye to eye, Sam has officially hit it out of the park with this one (Is This On?, August 24).

I deleted the Belafonte MySpace a while back because of its utter lack of credibility. It got to the point where friends would ask me if I had read the latest claims on MySpace, and we would just throw our hands in the air, 'cause really, if they can't make it after all that worldwide acclaim, what chance do we mere mortals have? If they honestly were selling out CDs like hotcakes and winning friends the world over, wouldn't they be signed to a label by now, wouldn't they be touring, why isn't this all over the Internet? The worst part of it all was seeing the Chinese fire drill that was their band constantly changing members and acting as if they were the second coming of Right Said Fred.

Sam made an excellent point when he named the bands that came here and made it. They were and are very good. They are also smart enough not to make fantastic claims all willy-nilly.

I welcome them to NYC. There are plenty of fast-food restaurants hiring at the moment, and I'm glad I'll get to witness this train wreck coming my way.

Jonny Santos

New York City

Buh-bye: A+! I applaud this article. Their collective ego has been too huge since they got an idea to put together shitty, unoriginal songs. The plethora of light bulbs shining behind them definitely made the ticket price ($11) a little more bearable, but I'm happy to see them go. Can't wait for the completely untrue success stories to come, detailing their adventures in NYC. After all, these guys "sell out" Club Clearview, have fans in over THREE counties and a staggering five comments after a month of MySpace debauchery.

Molly Washam


The Champ

More boxing for Big D: Great article! Some great points were made and very entertaining ("Fight Club," by Richie Whitt, August 24). I'd just show a little more respect to the only four-time heavyweight champ in the history of a crippling sport--even though the fight was a let-down. Did you feel the excitement in AAC before the fight? Let's see more of this in Big D!

Chris Muller


Yummy Chicken

Marco Pollo fan: My family and I are huge fans of Marco Pollo Rotisserie in Frisco ("Bouncing Chicken," by Mark Stuertz, July 27). The chicken is amazing, and the sides are original and delicious. And the price you can't beat. We get a whole quarter-chicken and three large sides for less than $15--which is less expensive than KFC and much healthier. We order from there at least once a week.

Your review was horrid and unreadable. Next time you write a review, try some punctuation and, I don't know, maybe some class.

Seth Morin


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