Hot Hot Heat: CBS Early Show Comes to Town, It Ain't 1980 Yet and Dallas's Drought Plan

CBS Early Show's Marysol Castro's in town -- can't imagine why. Oh, right. It's hot. Still, not so hot that two high-school footballers can't spend their after-practice hours toiling in the sun -- one on a construction site, the other decorating doorknobs with fliers, both hoping to buy a car. Their story follows.

In the meantime, what you see above was dispatched by the National Weather Service last night -- a reminder that, yes, this is hot. But not 1980 hot. Not yet. My 8-year-old son asked last night: "Dad, what did you do in 1980?" Um ... I was at summer camp down in Bruceville, which means I was outside, like, all the time. And, according to my folks, Dad's Second Avenue auto-parts business had its best summer ever. Water pumps and thermostats.

And, while we're on the subject of the hot hot heat: Several Friends of Unfair Park have asked if and when Dallas can expect more significant water restrictions, like those being imposed on surrounding municipalities. I asked Frank Librio, City Hall spokesman, if city officials are considering going to Drought Response Stage 1, which would trigger mandatory two-day watering restrictions broken down according to even- and odd-number street addresses. To which he responded thusly via email:

The lakes are currently 84% full and we continue to monitor conditions daily. The City's conservation program has been very effective in changing "how people use water."

Stage 1 could be triggered three ways: if the reservoirs are below 65% full; a man-made or natural contamination of a water supply; and finally if we have reached or exceeded delivery capacity for 4 consecutive days.

He also passed along this, for anyone who dares to look ahead: the City of Dallas Drought Contingency Plan, adopted by the city council last summer.

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