How 'Bout Them Cowboys Tickets?

Even if you've never heard of the Fan Cost Index, the name is pretty self-explanatory: It's what a family of four could expect to spend at a sporting event, simple as that. Factored into the costs, per Team Marketing Index's arguable equation: the price of two adult average price tickets, two child average price tickets, four small sodas, two small beers, two programs, parking and two adult-size caps. The ball-cap buy seems like an unnecessary add-on; then again, only two beers ... and smalls? So maybe it evens out in the end.

This season, the Texas Rangers' FCI is $150.64 -- far less than the Major League Baseball average of $196.89. Last season, the Dallas Mavericks' FCI came in at $344.86 -- or $52.93 above the National Basketball Association average. (But his season, yet again, the Mavs are offering some 500 $2 tickets for most home game.) And, last season, the Dallas Stars' FCI of $244.18 was well below the National Hockey League average of $288.23, though who knows what happens with dynamic pricing!

All of which is a long, throat-clearing warm-up to today's news: Your Dallas Cowboys are now the most expensive ducat in the National Football League, and with an average ticket price of $159.65, well, that brings the FCI out at Jerry Jones's EnormoDome up to $758.58 -- which, if I read my numbers correctly, is a 78 percent increase over the numbers for the final season in Texas Stadium. (And, yes, that number does take into consideration the $29 standing-room-only party passes and the sold-out $59 offerings.) By comparison, the New England Patriots come in second with an FCI of $597.25. And the NFL average? $412.64. So, Richie Whitt, is it really worth it?


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