Howard Hendricks, Who Shaped a Generation of Evangelical Leaders at Dallas Theological Seminary, Died on Wednesday

Howard Hendricks has never been one of the marquee names of conservative Christianity. He was too naturally reserved for that, more comfortable in the classroom than behind the pulpit, though he delivered his fair share of high-profile sermons. But over more than five decades as a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, he's helped shape a generation of evangelical thinkers.

His proteges, recounted in a 2003 Morning News article, include Chuck Swindoll, Tony Evans, David Jeremiah,Bruce Wilkinson.

First Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress says Hendricks was the reason he decided to attend DTS. Jeffress credits his predecessor at First Baptist, W.A. Criswell, with teaching him to pastor. "And from Dr. Hendricks I learned, hopefully, what it means to be an effective Christian communicator of the truth," he told the News.

And let's not forget also served for nearly a decade in the holiest position of all: as team chaplain to the Dallas Cowboys.

Hendricks was 88 years old when he died on Wednesday morning of complications of Alzheimer's, according to the Christian Post.

The evangelical world paused to remember and share remembrances on a DTS tribute page and on Twitter. Just ask California mega-pastor Rick Warren.

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