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Hurry Now For a Sneak Peek at the City's New "Happy Trails" Safety Website and Videos

The city's having a press conference Thursday morning during which Mayor Dwaine Caraway, Park and Rec officials and others will unveil the city's new "Happy Trails" campaign designed to make the 104 miles of the city's Dallas Trail Network jes' a little bit safer. You recall this campaign: We sneak peeked the new signs back in February, though parks officials said they weren't the final versions -- more like ... suggestions, let's say. And, turns out, the city has taken your comments to heart. Kind of.

I was poking around Vimeo moments ago and discovered JAKE:FERGUSON Advertising's really nicely done videos created for the campaign -- a couple of which are star-studded, featuring the likes of Kent Rathbun, Mark Cuban, Brad Sham, Troy Dungan, Ebby Halliday and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. (And all of which are scored by none other than the great Junior Brown.) The long music video follows, though who knows -- it could disappear sooner than later till its official unveiling later in the week. (Update: It's gone. For now.)

Anyway. The end of the video encourages you to visit the city's new website: Happy Trails Dallas, which is chock full o' stuff -- from a series of brief "trail etiquette" videos to host of trail maps to the "Happy Trails" pledge. And you'll also find the new signs, which flip over when you click on 'em -- in case there's any confusion about what "Look Both Ways" means. So run on over to the site, which will open shop Thursday morning. Consider this your VIP early access pass, among the many benefits of being a Friend of Unfair Park.

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Robert Wilonsky
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