Well, this was something.
Well, this was something.
Neil Riggins via YouTube

ICYMI: Dallas Car Chase Ends in Beat Down (Video)

After Artrai Alexander stole a Dodge Challenger from a convenience store in the 3000 block of Grand Avenue Wednesday afternoon, police say, he took cops on a high speed chase. The chase ended when he crashed, a fairly typically outcome. What happened after the crash wasn't.

Jessica Liesmann, the woman driving the van Alexander rear-ended, got out of her car and attacked Alexander.

Liesmann would tell KXAS TV cameras that her 4-year-old son died of medical condition last August, and she couldn't imagine losing another child.

"I jumped out the car and said, 'What the hell is wrong with you, you're in a school zone, what are you thinking?'"

Despite the department's retweet of KDFW's Calvert Collins praising the "Mama Bear," Dallas police reiterated what will all knew: You should never, under any circumstances, do what Liesmann did.

Still, if you want to help her get a new car, you can contribute to a GoFundMe campaign established to do just that -- it's already raised $1,200.

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