If Nothing Else, It'll Be An Amazing Race For Dallas County Precinct 5 Constable

Four years ago we were writing about the race for Dallas County Precinct 5 constable: Mike Dupree v. Jaime Cortes. Ah, the good ol' days; how things have .... changed? Now, it's Jaime Cortes v. a handful of comers looking to snatch away his job, which he only got after Dallas County Commissioners appointed him to replace Dupree, who resigned in June 2007 after years of allegations and investigations. Cortes, of course, has his own dark cloud now -- criminal and civil investigations stemming from an ever-lengthing laundry list of allegations.

Among the contenders to take Cortes's gig: Mike Orozco, a current deputy constable in Precinct 3 -- who, according to Kevin Krause, is also the co-owner of apartment-security firm Archer Consultants with Precinct 5 deputy constable Leo Armendariz, who also owns Encore Ultra Lounge on Lower Greenville. Orozco actually worked as a deputy constable in Precinct 5 from '97 till '07 and served under Dupree. Orozco just sent an e-mail directing us to check out his Web site. And, while there, we noticed the following caveat: "Orozco has not served in Precinct 5 under embattled Constable Jaime Cortes and is not included in the ongoing county and criminal investigations currently taking place." You know who else is running in Precinct 5? Sam's buddy, Chief Ozumba Lnuk-X.

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Robert Wilonsky
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