If You Ever Wanted to Own Firewater Bar & Grill, The New Asking Price Is Quite the Steal

Back in '08, federal agents snatched up Melvis "Ty" Denman and several others charged with being part of a ginormous pot-selling operation; Denman pleaded guilty a year later and is presently serving a lengthy stint in the pokey. But the U.S. Marshals Service still had in its possession one of Denman's possessions: Firewater Bar & Grill, that big ol' slice of cover-band, uh, heaven sitting just offa Stemmons and Northwest Highway.

The feds tried to auction off the 2.36-acre ponded property back in January, with bids opening at $850,000. Got all of two, the highest reaching $912,000 -- alas, "reserve not met," and so off the block it went, only to sit vacant for many more months with nary a Whitesnake or Judas Priest cover band in sight.

So happens, though, that just today the listing hit LoopNet -- and the price of Firewater's done dropped all the way down to $650,000. Looks like it's time to empty the piggy bank and polish off my one-man Krokus tribute act.

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