If You Ripped Apart a Stuffed Santa in North Dallas This Morning, The Cops Would Like A Word With You

The holidays can do strange things to people. Case in point: around 2:40 this morning, police were called to the 4000 block of Trinity Mills Road in North Dallas, where, per the police report, callers had reported that two white males were walking in a westerly direction whilst "throwing objects at passing vehicles and possibly intoxicated." (That address looks to be the site of the Camden Garden Apartments, which its website notes is a "lush, manicured paradise.")

When the responding officer arrived, he found just one man, standing in the middle of three lanes of traffic. The officer also observed the shredded tatters of a stuffed Santa, "strewn about" in the road.

The officer ordered the suspect to sit on the curb several times. Instead, the guy casually began walking southwards before "breaking into a full sprint."

He got away. In the unlikely event that he's located, he'll likely be charged with evading arrest, as well as wanton destruction of a defenseless fat man.

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Anna Merlan
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