If You Were Expecting a Pot Delivery, It May Have Been Delayed in Phoenix

If You Were Expecting a Pot Delivery, It May Have Been Delayed in Phoenix

While waiting for Macerich officials to return our calls concerning Valley View Center, where I spent some of this afternoon, there's this story out of Phoenix worth a look-see, if only as a cautionary tale. Because if the movies have taught us anything, it's that couples stopped by the police really need to get their stories straight before being taken in for questioning.

Take the tale of Charley Taylor and Theressa Mills, two Dallas residents who were pulled over in Arizona on Christmas Eve for weaving on the interstate. According to this freshly rolled story out of KPHO-TV, a CBS affiliate in Phoenix:

When interviewed separately, Taylor told deputies the couple was traveling from Dallas to Los Angeles to visit their children, [Yavapai County Sheriff's Office spokesman Dwight] D'Evelyn said. Mills told deputies they were traveling from Phoenix to Dallas to visit their children.

Based on this suspicious behavior and "indicators of narcotics involvement," deputies asked Taylor if he had any contraband in the van, D'Evelyn said.

Long story short, officials say they were told, yeah, there was "a little" weed in the back -- and by "little," they meant 275 pounds that were due for Dallas.

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