In Fort Worth Suit, 51 North Texans Claim They Were Ponzi-Schemed Out of Millions

Courthouse News brings us this lawsuit out of Fort Worth, in which 51 North Texans -- including a dozen Dallas County residents -- are claiming a man named Lee Goodman Ponzi-schemed them out of $2.5 million. It's a long, sordid story involving myriad alleged broken promises and dashed dreams, but the short version is: They're claiming Goodman promised them $17.2 million within three years of their giving him $1 million to invest in Barnett Shale projects and real estate. According to the lawsuit, the whole scheme collapsed in December, when one of the investors asked for an "early out" and got bupkus. From the complaint, this narrative highlight:

Like the crooked ENRON executives and the heartless Bernie Madoff before them, defendants act without regard to the well-being of those whom they have duped, and without regard to the lives that they have ruined; the retirements they have destroyed, the college educations for children and grandchildren which they have deprived their victims of, and of the unimaginable fear, tension, angst and despair that their actions have caused dozens of innocents. And, the best that the Defendants can do is say, "I have no money to pay you."

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