In Grapevine, Jonas Brothers Fans Experience New Dimensions in Cold, Boredom

See more photos from the night here in our slide show.

While kids across the country flocked to theaters to catch the Jonas Brothers in concert on the big screen this weekend, the teen-pop trio treated fans and press to a special engagement in Grapevine. For those of us waiting for them outside the Main Event Entertainment Saturday nightSunday morning, the Jonas Brothers experience was a freezing, soul-crushing four-hour mess at a red carpet in the parking lot.

By the time Joe, Nick and Kevin stepped off their bus with long-lost Jonas Brother Timbaland in tow, it was past 1 a.m. They walked the line of still-screaming girls along the barricade in the parking lot, posed for photographs and told TV reporters how great it was to be back in Dallas. With the many blessings that come being the Jonas Brothers' hometown, comes the tough reality that when they take a four-city screening tour in a single day, Dallas gets the Jo Bros last.

That was too bad for the dozens of girls who spent more than four hours waiting for the stars in the parking lot (the big arrival was scheduled closer to 10:30), whose numbers dwindled significantly as the night ran on and frostbite set in.

Inside the Main Event funhouse, where they had video games, bowling and central heat, a few lucky fans didn't mind the delay nearly as much. The chosen ones included radio contest winners and a grab bag of folks with ties to the artists and sponsors, and were treated to a special screening of Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, which opened Friday, and an early listen to the mellowed-out Timbaland remix of the Jo Bros track "Tonight". Otherwise, the kids inside spent the night making blue-screen music videos and slurping down ice cream sundaes, emptying cans of Reddi-wip while their parents watched the hours tick away.

For the record, Demi Lovato, who wasn't skipping across the country Saturday, was also on hand, making her entrance around 11 p.m. to share the news that she'd just taken her driving test here in Dallas on Friday.

The Fake Jonas Brothers, the trio of kinda-lookalikes from Dallas' Watermark Community Church who make an appearance in the stars' new movie, were also in Grapevine for a walk along the press line. "Even if you're not a Jonas Brothers fan, you're going to be a Fake Jonas Brothers fan after you see the movie," the one in the wig and dark shades told reporters.

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