In Saginaw Murder, Investigators Have Set Up Road Blocks, Seized Items from Girl's Home

A week has passed since two teenagers walking through Saginaw discovered the body of 6-year-old Alanna Gallagher, naked, bound and gagged and wrapped in heavy plastic. No arrests have been made. Tips continue to flood in, and the town remains baffled and on edge.

Investigators have said repeatedly that the girl's parents -- there are three listed in her obit, and they all apparently lived together -- are not suspects in the murder. And on Monday they cast a remarkably wide net, setting up road blocks to look in cars and interview drivers, Fox4 reported.

But they have been doing some more targeted sleuthing.

WFAA obtained a search warrant executed the day after the murder by the FBI at the girl's home on Babbling Brook Drive and in three cars. They came back with more than 100 items, including several kinds of plastic bags, receipts, four kinds of tape, swabbings and toothbrushes for DNA, computers, thumb drives and more. You can see the contents removed below.

Gallagher's funeral is Thursday.

Saginaw Search Warrant

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