Iris 'n' Amber

What’s become of Susie Priore’s grand neighborhood restaurant Iris, which shuttered April Fool’s weekend after burning out from competition and undercapitalizing sclerosis? Hark, it will soon be…Campisi’s No. 4, but you may know this number better. Yes, that’s right. Iris’ corpse will be the new home of Campisi’s Inwood Village, after it relocates there this September, maybe with a wine list.

Meanwhile, Suze is working gin up buzz for The Cape off Worthington and Howell (old Johnny Orleans house). “Good concept, cute interior, needs some tweaking,” she says of it. She’s also consulting with Frank Tolbert’s Chili House Products and the bowls of red that will soon appear on retail shelves. Or is it retail freezers? --Mark Stuertz

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