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It's Coming Up Cupcakes: The Shape (and Taste!) of Things to Come on Lower Greenville

Last night, good Friend of Unfair Park Lakewooder sent the photo you see at right -- a couple of food trucks parked in the lot where once the Arcadia proudly stood till it was claimed by fire in June 2006. He asked of this mobile food court: "Is this a precursor of things to come?" Why, yes, as a matter of fact. When I spoke with council member Angela Hunt last night, she referred to it as "a prelude of things to come."

When we spoke, Hunt was actually on her way home from a meeting hosted by Marc and Roger Andres -- a recap of which she posted to her website shortly after midnight this morning beneath the headline "Change is Just Around the Corner for Lower Greenville."

Said Hunt last night and again this morning, the food trucks were rolled in for a jam-packed reception, also featuring Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Pauline Medrano, during which retail and restaurant brokers were given a look at the "new look" Lower Greenville: "It was really an opportunity for them to hear about the great things coming to Lower Greenville."

Chief among them, she says: Trailercakes's PB&J cupcake ("awesome") and the RV (a red velvet-cream cheese offering the council member says is "to die for"). So there's that.

Hunt writes this morning that Madison Partners' Jonathon Hetzel told the assembled 50-or-so that "the city had just given them the green light to move forward on their plans for an outdoor eatery trailer park at the old Arcadia site," and that "construction on that should begin in a couple of months." She told Unfair Park last night that they won't need to go through the City Plan Commission for approval, unless "a truck wants an SUP for alcohol service, so they're gonna get rockin' and rollin' in just a few months."

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