It's Early. But Mike Rawlings Has an Awfully Big Lead in Race to Become New Dallas Mayor.

Dallas County's just posted early-voting results -- and, as was the case on May 14, Mike Rawlings snagged a huge slice of vote. Which is to say, of the 24,818 early ballots dropped in the box, the one-time Homeless Czar got 59.17 percent (or 14,685). Which leaves former Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle with a lot of ground to make up ... and not a lot of voters with which to do it, if county elections officials are right.

Meanwhile, in the District 12 council race, Sandy Greyson starts out the evening with a slim lead over Tea Party-affiliated challenger Donna Starnes: 1,979 to 1,706. That's the night's nail-biter, at least for now.

Anna, one of our ace newcomers, is with the Rawlings camp at the Meddlesome Moth at this very moment (lucky), and she asked him how he's feeling right about now. "We feel good," Rawlings said. "After those results, I don't think the math's too hard to figure out." More to come. Drink? Yes, please.

Update at 7:51 p.m.: Since I'm clearly the only one paying attention -- and to think, I coulda gone with Schutze to Electric Daisy at Fair Park (no, seriously), and I've got just the fuzzy boots to match these ladies in the freshly snapped Justin Terveen look-see -- I'm gonna just update as results come in. Anyway: With 32 outta 417 precincts reporting, it's Rawlings 15,684, Kunkle 10,957. No update in Greyson-Starnes. And this glass? Half empty.

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