It's Not Easy to Break Into the Tenison Golf Shop. And It's Even More Difficult to Break Out.

After the jump is a DPD-provided video in which at least two men are seen trying to kick their way out of the front door at the golf shop at the city-owned Tenison Park Golf Course on Samuell Boulevard. Turns out, they actually broke into the place on May 9, at around 2 in the morning, by crawling through an air vent John McClane-style. And that's how Dallas police believe they got out too, since, clearly, that front-door thing didn't work out too well. (After we uploaded the video I thought about scoring it to this, but ultimately decided against it.) Says DPD, they ended up leaving the TV they were "attempting to steal."

DPD actually believes there are five people involved, and that this wasn't their first time taking a tour through the golf shop: Per the release, "This golf shop was also burglarized on February 24, 2010 and again on March 19, 2010." What makes this even more curious: In February they also took a flat-screen TV. And in March, they didn't get away with anything. I double-checked with DPD, and turns out, not one golf club was ever stolen. Anyway. DPD sent the video because it needs help figuring out who these guys are.

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