It's Official: Tom Leppert for U.S. Senate!

Here's the announcement posted moments ago on 'bout-to-be-former-Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert's website, which is titled, like the brand-new campaign adshort film (mmmm ... doughnuts) you see above, "Why I'm Running." For U.S. Senate, that is.

I bring a unique conservative approach to government.

I've created jobs, grown a business, and cut wasteful spending in both the public and private sector. I understand firsthand how decisions made in Washington affect the economy.

The federal government is overspending, overtaxing, over-regulating, and destroying jobs. To get our country back on track, we must reduce the role of government.

Making tough decisions in business and as Mayor was not easy, but I made the hard calls that are so lacking in Washington right now.

In the U.S. Senate I'll help create jobs, be a watchdog for taxpayers, fight wasteful spending, reduce the debt and stop the President's tax increases.

Incidentally, Leppert's old website is now the Tom Leppert for U.S. Senate website. Back to you, Mr. Schutze.


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