Dallas Woman Jennifer Faith Faces Death Penalty After Guilty Plea in Murder-for-Hire Scheme

Jennifer Faith admitted to luring her boyfriend into murdering her husband with a pair of fake email accounts — then paying him after.
Jennifer Faith admitted to luring her boyfriend into murdering her husband with a pair of fake email accounts — then paying him after. Getty Images
A series of bogus emails gave it away: Jennifer Faith, authorities say, baited her boyfriend into murdering her husband.

“Enjoy knowing you can’t do a [expletive] thing about it,” Faith wrote from a fake Gmail account to her boyfriend, Darrin Ruben Lopez, in May 2020. In the message she had attached stock photos of bruises, false evidence of physical abuse.

“I am telling you to stay away from my family,” she wrote in another.

Faith created the fake account in the name of her husband, Jamie Faith, a technology director with American Airlines. The messages helped convince Lopez that Jamie Faith was abusing Jennifer, though investigators say they never found evidence that any abuse had occurred.

Jennifer didn’t stop at one fake account: she created another fake Gmail in the name of one of her friends and sent Lopez more messages, pretending to fret about Jamie's physical abuse.

“Jamie is abusing Jen today,” she wrote in another email to Lopez in May 2020, still posing as the friend. “Any ideas how we can help her?”

Lopez responded, “I know I won’t feel better about her situation until she is out of the house away from him or she lets me put a bullet in Jamie’s head."

Faith replied, “I am also very concerned and if it were up to me, I would tell you to go for it with your idea — lol; I’ll give you an alibi,” Ms. Faith responded, still posing as her friend.

Police say Lopez shot and killed Jamie Faith on Oct. 9, 2020, after driving from Tennessee to Dallas. On Monday, Jennifer Faith pleaded guilty in federal court to orchestrating murder for hire.

Besides admitting to luring Lopez into the murder with the faked emails, Faith copped to paying Lopez nearly $58,000 — funds she’d drawn from a GoFundMe account created to support her, soon after her husband’s murder. She even exchanged texts with Lopez, updating him on the status of a $629,000 life insurance claim she’d made with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

Meanwhile, she was gathering as much public sympathy as she could. She even appeared live on WFAA to beg the public and the police to find her husband’s killer.

Lopez, whom Faith knew had suffered a traumatic brain injury while serving in the U.S. Army in Iraq, is facing a life sentence on murder charges if found guilty.

Faith’s murder-for-hire charge is punishable by death under Texas law. On Monday, prosecutors agreed to drop additional charges associated with the case and to recommend life imprisonment over the death penalty after Faith pleaded guilty. A judge will make the final decision.

"Jennifer Faith’s cold-blooded plot to murder her husband was made all the more heinous by the way she behaved after his death," U.S. Attorney Chad Meacham said in a press release. "Even as she wept for her late husband on TV, Ms. Faith was corresponding with his murderer, plotting about how to cover up their crime."
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