Jose Canseco Is Joining the Fort Worth Cats

Jose Canseco has been busy since his two-year stint with the Rangers almost two decades ago. He became an author. He danced with the stars. He admitted using steroids and accused a laundry list of former teammates of doing the same. He tried to become mayor of Toronto which, in retrospect, wasn't such a bad idea.

But baseball has always been close to Canseco's heart, which is why, at the age of 48, he is returning to the game. He'll join the roster of the Fort Worth Cats for the minor league club's season-opening series against the Edinburgh (Texas) Roadrunners. That team is managed by Ozzie Canseco, Jose's twin brother, which he's excited about.

He's also excited to "come to Fort Worth and mentor the young ballplayers," as he told the Cats' website. With luck, one of the players may someday have a career as distinguished as his has been.

The Cats, meanwhile, can finally put to bed all those concerns about unpaid bills and the team's financial health. With Jose Canseco on board, what could possibly go wrong?

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