Judge Not, Jim

Margaret Keliher didn't lose. Her party did. Straight-ticket voters did the judge, and the county, no favors.

Margaret Keliher loses? Craig Watkins wins? And Kinky's on a book tour starting next week pimping his Christmas Pig booklet. One of those I coulda predicted.

Guess that Lupe Valdez thing wasn't a fluke after all. But if Jim Foster, Your New Dallas County Judge, really thinks "my predecessor has been out of touch," then the fire-alarm company owner without any public-office experience clearly didn't pay attention to the great job Keliher did. (My pal Matt Pulle, a follower of all things county and Keliher, will weigh in with his own thoughts on the subject momentarily.) Be afraid if even in victory, the winner's a sore one who gets it wrong. Keliher will be missed, though maybe now we can convince her to run for mayor. Know why she didn't talk to The Dallas Morning News last night? Probably like the rest of us, she was utterly speechless. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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