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Junius Heights Could Use Some Hot Fuzz

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Knock on wood, somebody, quick! It's been three months since my car was broken into (for the second time) in my little corner of Junius Heights in East Dallas. I do miss my friendly stereo thieves, who brought excitement to otherwise lame Friday and Sunday nights last winter. And I sure don't want to piss them off.

Guys, I'm sorry I replaced the crappy CD radio you stole with a factory tape player you probably couldn't give away. If there's anything you need, please don't hesitate to leave a note in my mailbox or give me a call here at the Observer. Just don't break into my house and start stealing stuff, like several thieves have done this past week in the Heights. I'm happy to run by Target on my way home from work or whatever, but I don't want to figure out how to replace glass in my 3,000-year-old windows. Since last Friday, not one, not two, but three different homes have been burglarized.

Let's break it down, according to the Junius Heights Crime Alert:

Friday, April 13 : Home in the 5900 block of Victor. "Entry was gained by climbing over a backyard fence and removing a window in the back. The thief or thieves very carefully cut out a rear window without breaking any glass. Stolen were a lap top computer, electronic devices, a guitar, camera, and wine from the refrigerator."

Seriously, stealing their wine? Take the folks' guitar, computer, firstborn, but leave the booze. That's just tacky.

Friday, April 13: Home in the 5500 block of Victor. Family'd just moved in. "There were lots of boxes and crates still on the porch when around 6:00 p.m. a white Chevy truck from the 70s drove up and began loading the boxes into the truck. Suspicious neighbors confronted the suspects who claimed that they knew the new resident. When the new resident did show up, he started yelling at them and began pulling his items from the bed of the truck. The truck sped off. The suspects were a Hispanic man and woman in their 30s with a little boy, maybe 3, who was sitting in the cab."

The burglarized family declined to report the incident to the police, since they got their stuff back. Unfortunately, according to the Junius Heights Crime Watch folks, that doesn't do us any good. We get more police on patrol with every crime we report. So call 'em in. You got your phone back. Make the call.

Monday, April 16: Home in the 5500 block of Junius. "The thieves entered through the rear of the house by breaking a window facing the back-yard. They stole jewelry, electronics and other valuables. They left through the front door."

Sounds to me like somebody had a big weekend. Any fellow Heights residences who'd like to be put on the Crime Watch news list can shoot me an e-mail. --Andrea Grimes

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