Karl Rove's Right-Hand Woman in Town Tonight. Republican Jews All Verklempt!

Sara Taylor, the White House's political director, will speak tonight to the Republican Jewish Coalition. And probably have a nosh too.

Maybe you'll never get to be in the same room as Bush's Brain, Karl Rove. I've actually stood next to the man -- he was in the lobby of the Crescent Court about a year ago, checking in as I was walking in -- and just like that, he disappeared in a cloud of sulphuric smoke as soon as we made eye contact. OK, he was tangible long enough for me to discover one thing: Rove chose The New York Times over The Dallas Morning News when asked for his a.m. paper of preference.

Tonight, you won't get Rove, but you will get yourself the next best thing: Sara Taylor, the White House political director, Karl Rove's deputy and, wrote Newsweek's Richard Wolffe last October, one of "the architect's proteges." Taylor, the youngest person ever to hold the position, will be in town tonight to speak to the North Texas Chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition. I even know where she'll be -- though, since it's at someone's house, I don't feel quite at liberty to reveal the precise location. (Turtle Creek somewhere.)

But, here's the deal: You wanna go, all you gotta do is join the RJC (you do what you must) or fork over $10 for the invite. Just go here. I am sure they'll help you out, even if you're not a Jewish Republican, by which I mean, oh, Ron Silver, maybe? --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.