Kickin' it Out of School

Teresa Parker: the (former?) principal at Preston Hollow Elementary

You remember Teresa Parker, right? She was the principal at Preston Hollow Elementary School -- the one U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay said in his November 16 ruling had "unlawfully segregated [students] at Preston Hollow based on race and national origin" after the Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund successfully sued the district on behalf of a parent of three children at the school. Well, say adios to Teresa Parker. (Heh.) According to sources at Preston Hollow, she's no longer the principal there as of, like, today.

We were told this by a teacher there. And a few other people too. They said they were bummed Parker was leaving. Now, the district won't confirm that Parker's been moved from the school and to a desk job. Unfair Park called Sandra Guerrero, a spokesperson for the Dallas Independent School District, an hour ago. Took her an hour to call back, at which point she said, "There's nothing official, so we would not be able to confirm any information at this point." Then she said she'd have to talk to someone in Human Resources about it, but they were gone. Sure -- at 5. We called shortly before 4. Damn that sneaky DISD.

So, fine. We called the school. Got a woman who claimed today was her first day. (Say...) She confirmed Parker wasn't at school today but got all shaky when we asked if she'd been replaced and whether her replacement started today. Response: "Uh. Uh. Let me get your number and call you back. I'm new. I'm the only one here. I don't know names." Swell, Sgt. Schultz. Talk to ya Monday. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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