Kunkle Widens Lead Over Natinsky, While Griggs Still Dominates Dave

If you care at all about the latest vote counts in the Dallas mayoral and council races, you're either refreshing the DalCo Elections site or at a candidate's watch party. So this'll be the last update till the final numbers are in -- and we know for sure whether it's David Kunkle or Ron Natinsky who'll square off against the former Pizza Hut CEO's 50-pound pepperoni in the June runoff.

Right now, at least, the former Dallas Police chief has the edge over the ex-8-track salesman: With 202 of 555 precincts reporting, and with Mike Rawlings out in front with 42.9 percent of the votes counted so far, Kunkle leads Natinsky by a slim but growing margin: 29.6 percent (or 12,621 votes) to 25.17 percent (10,701). Kunkle's lead over Natinsky gets a little bigger with each new update. Rawlings is doing well in the north and south; Kunkle, east and west.

Update at 9:25 p.m.: With 426 outta 555 precincts reporting, Kunkle's now got 19,036; Natinsky, 14,683. Pretty sure the June 18 runoff's set now.

Let's go to the council races now: Twenty out of 56 precincts are reporting in Oak Cliff's District 3, and Scott Griggs is maintaining his dominance over Dave Neumann: 58.57 percent (2,176) to 41.43 percent (1,539). And Angela Hunt's got 63.38 percent in District 14; James Nowlin, her nearest competitor, a mere 30.10 percent. It's early still. But not that early.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.