Kunkle's Not Ready To Concede. But ... (Update: Former Chief Calls Mike Rawlings to Concede.)

David Kunkle's once again at the San Francisco Rose watching election returns he'd probably like to return right now, given Mike Rawlings's commanding lead at the moment: 26,427 to 19,856. That said, the former Dallas Police chief isn't ready to give up just yet: "You fight the good fight, you do the best you can, and what happens happens," he just told me. "There's still a significant number of votes that haven't come in, so we'll see what happens."

But, he knows. He knows.

He tried to play small-ball against the candidate with the stacks of millions; he thought name recognition might pull the vote; he hoped he could prove a grassroots campaign could best one endorsed by Roger Staubach and most of the incumbent city council members ... not to mention the Dallas Citizens Council.

"I didn't want to disappoint people who supported my campaign," he said. "It was always my intention to run a small campaign and see if somebody could get elected mayor of Dallas through something other than the traditional route. Looking back there are a few things I might have done different, but I am happy with the kind of campaign I ran, and I wish the results were different."

He hasn't called Rawlings yet. But he's got nothing but nice things to say about him this evening.

"We've been together over 100 times, I'm guessing, and I resect the kind of campaign he ran," Kunkle says. "I'm not quite ready to concede yet, but once more of the city comes in, I'll offer my support to him."

Update at 9:20 p.m.: With 368 of 417 precincts reporting, it's all over: Rawlings 29,201, Kunkle 22,507. Kunkle has conceded. And in District 12, Sandy Greyson will be returning to Dallas City Hall with 3,569 votes to Donna Starnes's 2,881, with 24 of 27 precincts' results in.

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Robert Wilonsky
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