LeBron James Partied at Zouk for Jerry Brown Last Night, at an Event Called "Fade to Black"

Late yesterday we told you about a bizarre event that popped up on Dallas' nightlife calendar: a party at the nightclub Zouk, hosted by LeBron James and apparently designed to honor Jerry Brown, the Cowboys practice-squadder who died in a drunk-driving accident.

The event drew all sorts of red flags. The most obvious is that Brown and teammate Josh Brent, who was driving the car that crashed, had been partying with celebrities and athletes at a Dallas nightclub the night of their accident. We're no event planners, but a party with celebrities and athletes at a Dallas nightclub didn't seem like the very best way to honor Brown.

Then there was the fundraiser: Just 10 percent of the event's proceeds were slated to go Brown's family.

This morning we also found the flyer above, which reveals the event's unfortunate name.

But would James even show up? This is, after all, Zouk, which has a history of over-promising and under-delivering on celebrities, specifically Drake and Lil' Jon.

Anticipation was high. People were ready to "pop bottles" and "kill it" in Jerry Brown's honor:

No photos were allowed, at least according to one Tweet we saw. But yes, it looks like James showed up and did his thing. And he brought friends, too.

It was all very festive, we're sure.

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