Led Zeppelin Comes to Lewisville, ca. 1969

Myriad times over the last 15 or so years we've asked our pal Angus Wynne to tell us tales from the Texas International Pop Festival, held over Labor Day weekend in 1969. Angus put together one hell of a line-up, as you can tell from the poster -- everyone from Led Zeppelin to Sly and the Family Stone to Janis Joplin. Word is someone's doing a book on the fest; then again, that's been the word since 1999, more or less.

And, yeah, there is a bootleg boxed set available (God knows where), and you can try to download Joplin's set right here. And, sure, there's always been footage from the fest floating around; dig this scene, as it were. We've just never seen this much of it on the Interwebs till this morning, when someone posted six-plus minutes of Zep's performance on August 31, 1969. It's a montage of a few songs, including "Dazed and Confused" and "You Shook Me."

"It's a montage because they never filmed any one song all the way through," says Angus, who figures it comes from the bootleg movie Got No Shoes, Got No Blues. And he figures the sound's so good because it comes from the soundboard recording, from which the bootlegged boxed set was made. The guys shooting the performances only had two mikes, and their sound wasn't high-quality. --Robert Wilonsky

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