Leppert's Got $2.7 Mil to Run For Senate

Below, in the comments, one Arthur Smythe -- who, as everybody knows, hates the Cowboys -- was quick to point out that Not Mayor Tom Leppert has raised $1.1 million in his bid for the United States Senate. Arthur's comment, which I imagine was made in an English accent by a man wearing a monocle and top hat, came a few hours before Not Mayor Tom's campaign sent its press release announcing the amount he's raised so far -- $1.1 million.

The release also notes how much of his own money Leppert has put into the campaign thus far: $1.6 million. Who does Leppert list among his donors besides himself? Dunno. Campaign finance reports aren't due till April 15. No doubt, however, it will include Conn Smythe, Alistair Smythe, Tim Smythe and the rest of the Smythe clan.

Says Leppert in the press release, "Thank you to all the supporters who have invested in my campaign to elect a real Texas conservative to the U.S. Senate. I announced my candidacy just over one month ago, and I am gratified by the support I've already received. As I've talked to Texans, small businessmen and women, and the Republican grassroots, it's been clear they're looking to elect a real Texas conservative to the U.S. Senate who understands how to tackle the fiscal and economic issues facing our nation. We've got great momentum behind our campaign, and I'm looking forward to continuing to grow our support across Texas."

He's also super proud of the Lady Aggies!


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