"Let's Focus on Great Expectations, Not our Limitations": Mayor Mike's Inaugural Speech

Leslie's already summed up Mayor Mike's first-ever official speech as Dallas mayor, which was given at this morning's swearing-in of the new council. And she's up shortly with a recap from the ad hoc gas drilling committee vote, which took a bit of a twist; she'll let Scott Griggs explain. And Jim's got a few words about Mayor Dwaine's brief but wondrous tenure too. But before we get to any of that, this: Mike Rawlings's inaugural speech, which Frank Librio at Dallas City Hall just sent.

An excerpt:

Over the years, in business and in my civic leadership people have often accused me of "thinking big," and that's the attitude I plan to bring to Dallas City Hall. But we're not just going to think big. We are also going to put big actions behind those ideas, and we're going to accomplish some big goals that will help make life better for us all.

As leaders, we have a responsibility to those we serve to always do our best - to always strive for the best. Starting here today, I ask my colleagues on the City Council, our City Manager and the leadership at City Hall to join be in taking on these big challenges, and let's focus on great expectations, not our limitations.

The whole thing follows.

Rawlings Inaugural PDF

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