A better brew
Six Flags Over Beer indeed ["Theme parks for beer," June 29]. Instead of the adventure- land approach of brewing, why don't these micros concentrate on making better beer? A good bock, or a true lager, for example. Also, the beer needs a little more carbonation (a little--not a lot; more sugar in secondary fermentation), and perhaps some head (crystal malt would help here). Yes, it is better than no brewpubs at all, but why do half the job?

Lloyd Hedges

Prim and proper
Who thought up your latest publicity stunt--putting the faces of your writers on the sides of DART buses? Why, they all look so mainstream, wholesome, and (gasp) Republican! Who would suspect that such a prim and proper-looking bunch would write such mindless drivel in an attempt to bash Christians, those who speak up for innocent unborn life, and elected officials acting to roll back failed Great Society programs?

I wonder what BeloWatch would have said had the Dallas Morning News engaged in such PR shenanigans. Something like, "Meanwhile, the hypocrisy of Dallas' Only Daily shows once again as they plaster their faces on DART buses to make themselves seem like regular folks when everyone knows they're nothing but a giant, greedy heartless, corporate monolith...blah ...blah...blah."


Bat thing
To be fair, I viewed Batman Forever twice ["Batman finally," June 22]. With absolutely zero atmospheric depth, Joel Schumacher did a truly earnest paint-by-the-numbers job of directing. And Val Kilmer, a far more athletic Batman, showed neither the gaze nor the psyche to flesh out the complex hero. And--bless her ambitious little heart--Nicole Kidman brought a thumbnail's worth of sexual charisma to the screen. Comic books convey more sizzle. Only the deviously lucid Jim Carrey and heroic Tommy Lee Jones made this pricey art piece more than a snooze. "Batman neutered," if you ask me--much like Matt's review.

Allen Stern

Portrait of a child killer
In the calendar section of the June 22 issue, you recommend the movie Clean Shaven. While I enthusiastically agree with your recommendation, I find your characterization of the film baffling. The writer describes the protagonist as "a masochistic, schizophrenic child killer." Clearly he is schizophrenic, but his masochism would more accurately be termed "self-abusiveness" (he doesn't exactly enjoy it), and the issue as to whether the character is truly a child killer is never resolved by the film. If anything, the viewer is led to believe he is innocent, which Lodge Kernigan confirmed when he appeared at a screening of the film at the USA Film Festival.

Rob Moore

Music-industry hypocrites
Reprise Records president Howie Klein says that he is the "...first Warner Music Group employee to speak out against (Bob) Dole and (William) Bennett and other politicians who would blame music for societal ills." Yet nowhere else in "Fight The Power" [July 6] does Robert Wilonsky or Klein mention who those other politicians are.

Bob Dole only called for "good citizenship" and not censorship in his May speech. Wilonsky and Klein seem to forget about Tipper Gore, wife of liberal Democrat and Vice President Al, spearheading hearings a while back about objectionable lyrics in specific artists' music. Both liberal Democrat Senator Paul Simon and Attorney General Janet Reno have spoken out recently about the content of gangsta rap. Ms. Reno, Slick Willie's own appointee, also mentioned that she was looking into possible legal action.

Howie Klein calls Bob Dole a "craven politician who will do anything to get ahead in his own career," but neglects to say how our hypocrite president schmoozes the rich Hollywood left for campaign contributions while blasting Sister Souljah in front of Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition. Not long ago even Hillary "Mother Theresa" Clinton spoke out against the violent lyrics in some rock and rap music but was very careful not to mention the artists by name. I ask you now, who are the real fascists here?

While Howie Klein may be one of the best bosses a recording artist could have and a patriot, as he now characterizes himself, I think that he is nothing more than another record company exec with dollar signs behind those sunglasses. He must wear that phony liberal costume every day to stay within the good graces of the left-wing hypocrites in the music and entertainment industry.

Bobby Breaux

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