Live 105.3 Now "105.3 The FAN."

All day, whatever's left of Live 105.3 has been broadcasting college fight songs -- which, right, has to be better than what's usually on the FM station. (Just kidding, because, to be honest, I haven't heard more than 14 seconds of the station in the last, oh, ever.) Which means only one thing: Format Change! Right, Richie? Right. Indeed, says Mr. Whitt, Russ Martin's out, out, out! Says Richie.

As for the format change, well, the all-sports montage being played right nowthat went up at 3 -- Nolan Ryan-Robin Ventura fight highlights, "How 'bout them Cowboys?!," etc. -- ought to give you some idea of what Live 105.3's headed. Fine: sports talk! So, where's Greggo? Oh, wait: A line-up announcement is forthcoming in mere moments, though one thing's for sure: Ben & Skin are safe. Update: The morning-show host is still Jagger. Very sportsy! But Kevin Scott, ex of KTCK-AM, and Greg Hill will hold down the midday spot. In other words, Live 105.3 is now The Ticket with a stronger signal. But not. --Robert Wilonsky

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