Love This Love Field Mini-Doc That Looks at Airport's Past and Animates Its Future

Last night, at the suggestion of a Friend of Unfair Park, I went over to the Love Field Modernization Program website to watch a nearly seven-minute-long look at the what was and what will be at the city-owned airport currently undergoing renovations. It wasn't there just a couple of weeks ago, when the council considered those three theme for the terminal; neither were the new batch of renderings providing a better look-see at Love scheduled to emerge around 2014.

A quick search of YouTube revealed the new doc is the work of Corgan Associates, chosen in July '09 to handle the redo -- appropriate, since Jack Corgan designed the original terminal in '56 and oversaw its myriad upgrades afterward. And it's a must-see: The first half is filled with old photos (including the original Art Deco façade of the built-in-'40 terminal, Braniff's Jetrail and the ice-skating rink); the second half, animation of what the terminal should look like following the rehab (hint: Think NorthPark Center). Someone dipped their chocolate in my peanut butter.

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